"The die is now cast; the colonies must either submit or triumph.... we must not retreat."

King George III

The Association of Crown Forces is a re-enactment society dedicated to research into the British Army during the American War of Independence and the reconstruction of equipment and drill.  We take the rôle of officers and soldiers in the 5th Regiment of Foot

Each piece of equipment is made as authentically as is possible based on recent research. Everything is made by the members to high standards of workmanship and accuracy and is continually being added to and improved as new information

Public displays are given at sites throughout Great Britain. The displays include aspects of the soldiers’ drill, the firing of muskets and artillery pieces, and a static army camp display as well as a childrens’ drill activity complete with working cannon.

The 5th Regiment of Foot is based in the southwest of England and is headquartered at the American Museum in Britain, on the outskirts of Bath.

Whether you are interested in booking the 5th Regiment of Foot for your event, coming to watch our displays, joining the ranks of our membership, or studying the late Eighteenth Century, we hope you will find the information on these pages to be useful.